Forgive and Forget

2:11:00 PM

I can forgive, but not forget.
<You can come back, but don't wait me to found you.
You can knock my door, but don't expect my smile and welcome.
I can open my door, but can't let you sit.
You can visit me sometimes, but don't think about stay in.
I can smile to you, but don't expect me laugh with you.
You can tell me stories, and I will give my best respond,
But never wait me to tell you mine.
I don't hold grudges...
I just can't forget whatever that happen.
I already forgive you, even without your apology,
And I apologize if I ever hurt you...
But I think...
me and you as a friend is not work anymore.


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  1. Replies
    1. The fact that you read this one make me happy!!! Hahaha thanks loooh ����